There are many different types of dementia, each has a different cause.  It is not known what causes most dementias, but there are some dementias that may be inherited.

  • Huntington’s disease is one of the dementias some researchers believe is hereditary.
  • Many also believe that Alzheimer’s disease is inherited, but that is not proven.
  • There are three genes (APP, PS1, PS2) that when present, indicate a form of early onset dementia.
  • Frontotemporal dementia, or Pick’s disease, is found to have a strong familial connection. This dementia affects most individuals before the age of 65.

Other Causes of Dementia

Dementia is a medical term that describes symptoms that affect the intellectual, emotional and social ability of an individual to interfere with everyday functioning. There are many causes of dementia-like symptoms. These causes can range from reactions to medications, changes in the brain due to aging or disease, trauma to the brain, and vitamin or nutritional deficiencies.  Infections, immune disorders, endocrine abnormalities, metabolic disorders, alcohol abuse, and lack of oxygen to the brain from heart and lung problems are all possible causes of dementia in the elderly.

Managing a Dementia Diagnosis

A diagnosis of dementia is difficult for the entire family. The most important factor to consider after the diagnosis has been made is the senior’s safety. There are many senior care communities that offer specialized memory care for it’s residents. To explore your options of memory care, contact your local Care Advisor at (888) 364-5752 for free assistance when it comes to providing support during this difficult time and to find the proper care for your loved one.